Friday, January 1


Goodbye 2009, hello 2010!  Can you believe a year has come and gone like that?  There has definitely been good and bad times last year, but all worth while.  Looking back to this past year I have collected a list of all the good ones and I'm sharing it with you, some have links to past blogs about the specific thing, just click on the link to read more.  May you enjoy my post and the new year! 
.letters from missionaries.
.the best friends anyone could ask for.
.letters & emails from family members.
.almost persuading my parents to adopt a puppy.
.meeting new friends and catching up with old ones.
.usu basketball games.
.mom's cooking & family dinners.
.olive garden dinners.
.writing to a wonderful missionary.
.dance parties in the kitchen.
.talking to my mom on the phone for hours.
.family vacations
.learning to be true to yourself. 
.attempting to clean my room (several times).
.ryan texting me to elope with him to paris.

Looking farther back, here are the highlights of the past decade:

.luv2dance competitions.
.junior high cheerleading.
.drivers license.
.my car.
.attempting to snowboard.
.discovering newsies.
.pioneer village photo shop.
.high school dances.
.high school drill team.
.oakridge country club.
.first boyfriend.
.establishing lifetime friendships.
.graduating high school.
.beginning of college.
.learning & growing everyday.
xoxo, jamie


Ashley Nicole said...

That's fun! Where are you working at??

natalie said...

wow, our lives have changed so much over the decade if you think about it, and they probably will even more this decade! holy cow! Happy new year! :) make it count!

ken.z. said...

luv2dance & drill team :)
love you girlie!