i am an indecisive twenty-something year old that hearts almost everything.  i am a student currently figuring out the this thing called life.  i have the BEST family any girl could ask for (love you always clayton!), terrific friends and an amazing boy in my life.  i couldn't be any happier.

this blog...is my journal. it's where i come to post thoughts, events, memories and ideas.
feel free to browse, comment, follow, disagree, agree, laugh or smile...
i don't use punctuation, capital letters or proper grammar (even though i know how to use them).  i quite enjoy blog stalking all of you, so "follow" me or leave a comment with a url and i'll do my best to follow you. i hope you enjoy what you read and come back soon!

*if you happen to make your way across old posts and see missing images....it's because i somehow deleted all of them.  it's a slow moving process to get them all back.  sorry for that.

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if you have any questions or comments you want to express privately please contact me at jamiemjenkins@gmail.com.

thank you.

xoxo, jamie