Wednesday, November 18

just me.

Found this on my friends blog and decided to do it myself. Just for fun I guess, and a chance for you to get to know me a little better.

i wish to one day... dance again.
when i eat cereal... i don't drink the milk.
i can only fall asleep... with my fan on.
public restrooms... are disgusting and only used when necessary.
i refuse to believe... you can't follow your dreams.
when i'm running... i feel free and unstoppable.
i don't think she knows... but my mother is my hero.  
when i walk past someone i don't know... i try to catch their eye and smile.
i've learned to accept... that i make mistakes.
i can't... say the word hate, ever.
i hardly ever... finish a day without feeling good about myself.
majority of the time... i try to be happy.
i really try hard... to stick to my word.
i believe... that everyone was put on this world to make a difference.
i get unbelievably frustrated... with people that hate.
i hope more than anything... that i can touch someone and make a difference in their life.

this picture isn't me, just one i found.


Kenz said...

I love it Jamie! Lets do lunch

R V Jenkins said...

Hey Sweetie, you're such an amazing daughter, so positive. You've never stopped dancing, your heart dances everyday!
What an honor to be your Mother!
Thanks, Love you!

ken.z. said...

haha. loveeee you :)