Saturday, December 31

on to the new

this past year has flown by so fast and it has been quite the adventure.

january met cute boy and at the same time, dealt with twin's broken feet
february celebrated valentines day with cute boy
march found out my adventure for the summer would be vegas
april watched the royal wedding at 2 am
may started my new adventure as a nanny in the fabulous hot town of henderson, nv
june embarked on a exciting trip to disneyland and met up with lover boy in zion national park
july went to the broadway play of lion king and on a sad note lost ALL pictures on blog to black pictures of death [still working on fixing them]
august moved back up to university and said good bye to my best friend
september fit back into my cheerleading uniform and discovered there is something about the name ryan
october zoomed on a bike with lover boy and enjoyed the colors of fall
november i babysat a baby pig and committed myself to train for a half-marathon
december went MIA but enjoyed the holidays with friends, family and boyfriend

can't wait to see what's in store for 2012.  i plan to make the most of it!!

happy new year loves!!!



Jess said...

You have had such a amazing 2011, bring on 2012!
The best is yet to be!
Happy New Year!

btd. said...

Your 2011 looked good, so I know you'll have an even more amazing 2012! :)