Wednesday, April 13

jamie's ABCs.

after reading this on a few other blogs i thought it could be my turn to let all my new followers a little more about myself.

 Age: 21
Bed size: twin.  depressing, i know.
Chore you hate: dishes.
Dogs:  LOVE! if i could, i would adopt one.  but at the parentals we have eddie.
Essential start of your day: brushing my teeth.
Favorite color: navy blue, but i'm feeling coral this past month.
Gold or silver: depends on the day.  mostly silver.
Height: 5'5".  i grew an inch over the past two years!
Instruments I play (or have played): Does the recorder in 5th grade count? I hope so.  oh and my mom would like me to add piano for three years!
Job title: Bed Bath & Beyond associate, and tumbling instructor.
Kids: hopefully one day.
Live: Logan, UT
Mom's name: mom.
Nickname:  jamester, james, jj, j squared...
Overnight hospital stays: none so far.
Pet peeve: when people give me input on MY sudoku puzzle. get your own.
Quote from a movie: "i like my money right where i can see it...hanging in my closet." - carrie bradshaw from satc.
Right or left handed: Righty tighty. 
Siblings:  one twin brother.
Time you wake up: usually around 8:30ish unless it's saturday.
Underwear: always.
Vegetables you dislike: mostly anything green.  oh and beets.
What makes you run late: if i turn my alarm off in my sleep (it does happen!)
X-rays you've had done: just teeth and one elbow scan.
Yummy food you make: sandwiches.  i do not cook.
Zoo animal:  giraffe's and bears and tigers!

now it's your turn!  let me know about you!

xoxo, jamie


Rorie said...

!!!!!!!!!!!! I use to work at BBB when I was younger!! Yay for us!

Lex C. said...

awww you have a twin!? that's so cool!!

and what a cute idea. i loved reading this :)

misspouty said...

this is so cute! enjoyed reading it and love the picture as well!

Jamie said...

cute. I'm going to do this too :)

Amanda Fabrizio said...

that is a darlin' picture of you jamie!! I love it. I'm stealin' your idea and doing this on my blog. I love it.I am going to be in next weekend but pleaseee let's do something when your home next. text me when you come home next and we are going to actually PLAN something!