Friday, April 15

oh my.

it's finally friday.  even though this week went fast, it felt like it dragged on forever.  does that make sense?  i'm so happy it is finally the weekend though.  happy dance now.  i have the boyfriend coming to visit and an 80's dance to look forward to!  should be a stress-free weekend ahead.

aren't these heart-shaped glasses to die for?

what do you have planned?

xoxo, jamie

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L!$@ said...

I plan on finding a way to get that lollypop! :D and bake...and look after someone else's kids.

Rorie said...

I have planned a massive study session and insane amount of work to input. Not gonna be so stress free for me but, good money.

Kat said...

Ah sounds like a great weekend you have planned! I'm heading into London to meet a friend on Saturday and then off to a gig on Sunday :)