Monday, April 11

can i have your number?

just a little eye candy for your monday.

xoxo, jamie


lauren nicole said...

thank you, ma'am
that's one way to cheer me up on a mondayyy :)

ATW said...

aw jake gyllenhall.. love him!!!

thanks for sharing!

Paislea Elyse said...

oh wow.

allister bee blog

Kate said...


KAREN said...

I heart Ryan Gosling, thanks!!!

Anonymous said...

I'll agree 110% with:

Ryan Gosling
Jake Gyllenhall
Ryan Reynolds

but I have no clue the guy above him is & personally, meh. & they can spice up any day of the week to be quite honest :)

mandyface said...

don't forget zara in the background. totes eye candy to the max.