Sunday, April 10

at the beginning.

the past week or so has been non-stop disney.  i love it.  ever since buying tangled, i have probably watched every disney movie that is in my apartment...including my roommates.  i'm pathetic.  but i don't care.  i think ending my night with a disney movie is pure awesomeness. 

tonight we watched anastasia and i know technically it's not disney, but we count it anyways because of the singing.  plus i just love the soundtrack!

what's your favorite disney movie?

xoxo, jamie


Jess said...

Oh this sounds like so much fun! I love disney movies!

My favourite one is Tangled, and close second one is Beauty and the Beast!

Jess said...
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L!$@ said...

Disney movies are the best thing ever!! I just love them :D