Tuesday, March 29

you heard me right.

this past 24 hours have consisted of class, cheer-tryouts, the gym, work and watching the movie tangled, twice.  that's right, i said twice.  you best believe i bought it at midnight and went straight home to watch it and i watched it again before work.  i don't care what you say.  i. love. this. movie!

enough said.  go watch it.

xoxo, jamie

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sweet pea. said...

i loved loved loved loved loved the movie =))))

abby | ybba said...

Flynn Rider is so cute! LOL! i loved his scene where he gave her the "sexy" face and it didn't work. OHHH and the lanterns were just so pretty to look at!!!!

i watched the movie today and fell in love! {:

Jess Reeder said...

I'm not ashamed to say that I cried in theaters during the lantern scene. It is just so beautiful!! :)

btd. said...

How did tryouts go? & I sooo wanna see that movie! :(

ashleynicole said...

Just saw it for the first time, my new favorite!
How did tryouts go? that's so awesome!