Friday, January 14


friday is finally here.  survived my first week back at school.  only one class and a nap holding me from the weekend.

tonight is girls night with some of my closest girl friends.  and i am so excited to actually spend time with them instead of the usual emails and quick phone calls back and forth.

what are you plans for the extended weekend?

xoxo, jamie

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Kindros said...

No extended weekend for me, but my cousin's birthday party is this weekend. Other than that, Sunday is a lazy day. :) Have a great weekend.

Sara said...

Aw, that sounds fun! Congrats on getting through school! Enjoy the wknd!

Christopher said...

football, party, more football

keepin it simple

Anonymous said...

i love having girly nights :) hope you have a great weekend!

Alexis Campbell said...

I am spending the weekend in Philly with my Yiayia (grandma in Greek) and some of my friends before I go back to school in Boston :) Woohoo!!

I hope you have a wonderful weekend!

Anonymous said...

I'm sick so I won't be doing much but drinking a lot of water and working on this short story for class

btd. said...

How was your night out?