Sunday, January 16

your positive thoughts please.

this has been quite the weekend.  friday was a blast, and i'm always up for a girls night with my girls. saturday night i went out with a great new guy.  we went to a hockey game and got pizza afterward and i really enjoyed his company.

but on saturday afternoon, i found out that my brother broke one ankle and shattered the other.  he went into surgery last night at midnight for about four hours and is in the process of recovering.  if you could all help me and keep positive thoughts that he will recover how his body needs to, i would greatly appreciate it.

xoxo, jamie

p.s. i hope you are all still having a great weekend.

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Melissy J said...

Jam, I'm sorry. I'm thinking about Clayton and I hope he gets feeling better soon. Please keep us updated and if you need anything or if he needs anything call me. I'm close by.

Megan said...

aw sending love, hugs, and healing vibes. xx

Sydney said...

Oh my gosh! Jamie I'm so sorry. How did he do it? Poor Clayton.

Ashley said...

that stinks! I just came across your blog! fantastic!

Christopher said...

Ouch! Hope he gets better soon.

Rorie said...

Wahhh, sending tons of positive thoughts all your way. What happened love.
I wish him a swift and easy recovery!!!

abby | ybba said...

Your bro is gonna be just fine! Though, it does take some time for the ankles to get better. The good part is that our human body has it's own way of fixing itself... Well isn't that AWESOME!? LOL :}

And I'm glad you found a new guy! I love LOVE STORIES! SPECIALLY FROM BLOGGERS SO BLOG ABOUT IT?! LOL. kidding!

Girls night outs are THE BEST!!! Go shopping, eat and do lots and lots of crazy stuff!!!

btd. said...

Yes, your brother will be perfectly fine. Recovering will take time but it'll be all okay. Just stay optimistic because it spreads and he'll heal faster. *hugs you*