Wednesday, December 1

merci beaucoup.

thank you to everyone who gave me these awards.

i know, i know.  i'm bad at updating them fast.  but i still really appreciate them!

so for the first one i got it from two lovely bloggers...and it is the "one lovely blog award"
kristen from all the proof i need and j.cee from four flavors were both very kind to award this to me.

i am passing it on to four lovely blogs i read daily and one new one...

and the next award is from my lovely friend sydney from my life[style].  she awarded me the stylish blogger award, thanks syd!

with this award i need to post seven random things about myself.  and i don't know if i ever posted these before but here it goes. day i hope to live in a big city to get the feel of a busy life style. soon as i graduate and get myself stable on my feet...i'm adopting a dog!
3.secretly i wish i was going to school to one day be a fashion editor for a magazine.
4.i'm addicted to books and i always check-out too many books then i have time to read.
5.i strongly, strongly dislike green beans.  i can't swallow them.
6.i think i eat a sandwich everyday. matter how many times i try my room can never stay perfect clean.

thanks for reading or skipping over them, but here is who this award is going to next..

whether it's the bloggers who awarded me the awards or who i am giving them to, they are all blogs worth looking at, so click away :)

xoxo, jamie

p.s. there are too many people i want to give awards to so please don't get offended if i didn't give you one. in my eyes you all deserve an award!


Beth said...

aw, thanks for the award new blog buddy! :) that's so sweet of you

Rorie said...

Awhhhhhhh you def. deserve both of these awards and thank you so much!!!

Laura Em said...

You are so sweet!! Gracious, thank you!

DT said...

thankyoooou so much!
love it..

DT said...

and you've got back one!

Bree said...

Thanks for the award! Your 7 facts are very similar to me-1&2 I've done, I agree with 3&4&6 and well, I love green beans lol

*D* said...

thanks so much for the award! you're such a sweetheart!