Wednesday, December 1

breathe. just breathe.

so last night at work...was probably the one of the most chaotic days of work.  top five.

a. it made me really think about whether i still want kids.
b. definitely reassured me i'm not ever babysitting more than five kids at a time.
c. it made me really appreciate butterfly stickers.

to begin i get a call from my co-worker/roommate about twenty minutes before work mentioning that our boss decided to print in the flyer last week, that anyone and everyone can have their child attend tumbling for FREE.  in other words...that means any parent wanting to give up there child for an hour is able to.  great.

so that meant for three hours of my day i was surrounded my screaming, un-attentive three to twelve year olds running around on cheese mats, jumping boards, and balance beams. awesome. 

our first class included twenty or so three to six year olds who constantly didn't pay attention to us.  they also decided that butting each other and tattling was the most fun of all.  not to mention a few felt like falling down and crying.  to top it off, ALL the regulars parents* decided that of all days, today was the day to watch.  so they all probably got a good laugh as we chased their child around as well with the other million while also trying to teach them cartwheels and forward rolls.
*{hopefully they will continue to enroll their child/children in our class, if beuno.}

luckily by the advance class we were back down to our usual seven plus only one extra.

but what turned the whole day around was cute joanna brought me a butterfly sticker today :)

"whisper a wish to a butterfly and it will fly up to heaven and make it come true."

hope you had a better night.

xoxo, jamie

p.s. i truly do LOVE my job.  i am so lucky to work with my usual batch of kids who love learning.  i just think tonight was a little overwhelming...and i really just wanted to vent.  sorry.


L!$@ said...

Kids are awesome but you definitely reach a limit sometimes! I look after kids for my 'job' and sometimes it is sooo exhausting! Butterflies make everything better :D

Anonymous said...

I worked at the boys and girls club for the summer and I'm glad its merely a summer job. I couldn't work with kids year round or i'll volunteer for one of Saw's games (okay maybe not).

I might want to have my own kids some day and I can only work with my own kids. you can tell some parents expect us to raise their children.

Sydney said...

Hello Jamie my love. Just letting you know that I gave you a little stylish blogging award. Feel free to fill it out and pass it on if you wish!

Anonymous said...

Working with kids can be the BEST form of birth control ;)

We are so happy to have discovered your blog.. it's wonderful! We'll be following for sure!