Saturday, December 4

starting the countdown.


"if stress burned calories, i'd be a supermodel"

seriously.  starting monday is dead week then following is finals week.  how i love the stress that comes with school.

luckily the last day of finals i get to go home and have a christmas party with family and friends, then the next day is my birthday and a week following that is christmas!

december is going to go by way fast and i'm a little saddened by that.

so if i lack blogging this month it's because i'm busy...BUT hopefully i'll be getting a new layout for this blog.  i have some ideas. so if things start looking crazy, just ignore them!
xoxo, jamie

p.s.  my christmas cards just barely arrived!


Rorie said...

Ahw, yes, 13 days until my semester is over thankgoodness, we'll get through it =]

I am writing xmas cards this weekend how fun<3

Allie Burnham said...

haha i totally used this exact photo on a similar post right here

i can't wait until christmas break is finally here but getting there is going to suck. good luck with finals!! we're almost there!! oh, and im excited about a new layout, i will probably be doing some experimenting once finals are over.
stay well!

char. said...

ah i love your blog!
i know right, i have a week full of exams exams exams i have three on monday, thats crazy shit but i hate moaning so bleh,
but atleast you have some lovely stuff to look forward to

i know december goes so quick its one of my fav months, if you can have a favourite month lol

look forwad to your new layout woo

Anonymous said...

best thing to do is take each day by day. appreciate for making it through today and hope for the best tomorrow

Anonymous said...

I started to read your blog.
I think that you are not against it.
I like it so much
You can read my blog too is you wanna
it will be great

kisses :*

Sydney said...

Jamie! I saw your mom at Wal-mart! She is so cute. It made me miss the times she would put out grapes for us and we would sit and your kitchen counter and talk. Can we puhlease get together this break?? Love you!


Christopher said...

december is always crazy

happy birthday!