Monday, November 29

a little thought from my brain.

as i am watching gossip girl and browsing weheartit...i am reminded of prison break.

oh how i loved that show.  did any of you watch it?

i've seen the whole first season twice {that sounds pathetic, but i don't care.}

the show is clever and keeps you hooked from the first episode and it helps that the main character isn't  hard on the eyes!

xoxo, jamie

picture via {weheartit}


Cameron Armstrong said...

my favoirte show is The Event that comes on NBC at 9pm. its about human aliens coming to earth and some are wanting to destroy it

laur said...

uhhhhh LOVE prison break. the main guy is so ridiculously attractive.

lucy said...

wow, it sounds good! haha, and don't worry about sounding pathetic- I've watched pratically every friends and monk episode twice as well hehe

Kate said...

He went to my high school!

Granted, he graduated when I was like two . . . but I still take pride in that fact.

satu. said...

i watched prison break season 1, but all the others i somehow forgot or had other plans almost everytime it was on ! :< one more thing for my endless wish list, all the seasons of pb ! ^^

xo, satu from
(a day well spent)

abby | ybba said...

hey you know what? before he was in prison break he was just a model and he was in mariah carey's music video "we belong together" and it was funny because a week after i saw that video i saw the previews for prison break and i was thinking "what the heck!? that dude got a leading role!? awesome!"

Jaime @ La vie...J'aime said...

i loved that show- watched the first and 2nd seasons then got lost and that was that. he is so handsome and needs to be on another show!

Courtney said...

I've heard this is so good! I really need to watch it.
Your blog is adorable :)

Young People in Love said...

mmmmmm....yum yum yum. ;)