Sunday, September 26

i live in denial.

i do.  it's true.  and i'm here to vent let out my secret.

i think i have a problem that if i don't SEE's not there OR it's not a problem.

this goes for so much...

and especially money.

and the list goes on.

i know they aren't in depth but this is the first time i'm admitting to it {ever.}
it's a big thing i've been living with ever since college {or before} and i'm admitting it {as much as i'm willing} for the first time right now.

every day i promise myself i'll work on it...and it never happens.  even though it's not physical pain, there is still pain.  i think i just end up failing and in return make the matter only worse and to conclude make me a failure to my family, friends and myself.

but i'm here to help myself and learn from this...slowly.

so even though this is not all out on the table details about my problem it felt {oh so} good to vent.  and maybe one day i'll tell you a little bit more. so thanks for listening. 
i hope you all had a wonderful weekend.

xoxo, jamie

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Rorie said...

Were here to listen anytime<3

Barry said...

The most painful things in life are those that aren't seen but felt.

I don't know that you're denying these things so much as you're aware they exist but are afraid to face them. And even though it's causing you distress, it's also very normal. I'm 45 and I go through this myself, most notably my relationship with my dad.

Some things are just plain hard to deal with Jamie. What may seem easy to handle to someone else can weigh on you very heavily. Even if you feel you're denying all of your troubles, admitting to everyone how you feel is a huge (and I'm sure uncomfortable) step for you to take. You should be very proud of yourself for this.

Falling short of expectations you have for yourself does NOT make you a failure. You're young, but at any age we all learn and grow from our shortcomings and mistakes. (I could tell you many stories, believe me)!

So the question now is, where do you go from here? Only you can answer that. It won't be easy, but change never is. You may falter but please don't look at it as failing. It's what makes you human.

No matter what happens you've gotta know you're surrounded by people who will support you and listen anytime you want to talk. We're always here for you.

Love Fool said...

I LOVE YOU JAMIE!!!!! If you even need to just talk you know where I am and my number. Give me a call girl, we can go get ice cream or lunch!! There is only up to go from here so stay strong!!!

Anonymous said...

We all turn a blind eye to problems sometimes, I really think you are an awesome beautiful person Jamie. Keep plowing on through whatever it is you are working through.