Monday, September 27


thanks for all your sweet comments and emails.  you are all great inspirations :)

doing much better today!  had a smile on my face all day!

four tests this week.  i don't ever ask for it...but wish me luck {please!}
the library and i will be getting pretty close this week. 
six hours already and counting.

{a picture a friend snapped of me while laughing}
have a fantastic week :)

love you all.

xoxo, jamie

p.s. i have a juicy post coming up.  and it's something i never rarely blog about.


Rorie said...

Goooood luckkk!!!
You are gonna do great!!!
Make sure to get some sleep!!
Can't wait to hear about your juicy post♥

Barras' said...

Cute picture! Can't wait to hear the NEWS!!

Kenz said...

LOVE the picture. You are amazing.

J.Cee said...

Hi! Just wanted to say that I love your writing! Cheers from a new follower!

btd. said...

Good luck on those tests!
Such a cute picture too!