Wednesday, September 22

happy first day of autumn!

so officially it's fall!

and since i've posted so much about the upcoming season {can you tell i really love fall?!} i promise not to drag on and on about it.

i just love when the leaves start changing color and fall on the ground.
i can't wait for corn mazes, pumpkin carving, the crisp air but most importantly the clothes.

but i guess i'll have to wait for fall to come because this week and next looks like it's stuck in the 80's.  a little too warm to start the fall wardrobe i think.

but enjoy the first official day of autumn anyways :)
xoxo, jamie

picture via {weheartit}


Rorie said...

I love love love fall too. I want to go out and buy a nice pumpkin spice candle to make my whole apartment smell delish!!

natalie said...

since moving to Utah i have grown to LOVE fall as well. time for the boots and scarfs. and lets play soon?!

Kate said...

Wow, I did not even realize it was fall until I read this!

It's still 95 degrees in Kentucky! I'm so ready for fall, though! I totally agree about not being able to wait for fall clothes!

DT said...

You have been TAGGED!