Sunday, July 18

making my list.

starting the countdown to an official vacation.

five days until i arrive in vegas! {yay!}

that's right, i'm going to fight the heat and stay three days in vegas.

this trip isn't for me though.  i'm flying out to visit my grandma who is turning 80!

it's going to be just me & her.  just us two for a fabulous weekend.

so in preparation for my trip i am starting my list of things to do.

do laundry.
iron clothes.
clean room.
wrap present.
clean bathroom.
load iPod {any suggestions?}
 pack suitcase.
charge camera.
buy new magazine.
unplug electrics.
{probably} clean room again.
drive my way to the airport for my official summer vacation :)

i'm super excited!

xoxo, jamie

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Sydney said...

Yay stop to visit me on your way down!

Amoree said...

Awhhh have fun!! I am dying for a little vacation!!!

Bree said...

5 days will definitely come quick and you'll have a blast!

natalie said...

sounds fun! I leave for california and it can't come faster! and music suggestions... hmmm, Regina Spektor, Paolo Nutini, Jon McLaughlin, Matisyahu.
Those guys are on my summer playlist!

The Lonely Boy said...

Angus and Julia Stone. They will change your life. Have fun and be safe!