Thursday, July 15

we are all fortunate.

ran across this phrase last night while browsing at spread your wings and fly..  

this poster touched home and really hit me in the face.  i'm not saying i take everything for granted because i understand how lucky i am and how fortunate my life is, but sometimes i get caught up in the life of the extravagant's.  sure having extra money here and there would be nice but i really am happy exactly where i am.  i am getting an education at a great university.  i have food in my fridge {if i remember to go grocery shopping}  i can buy clothes when needed and i have the necessities of life.

i just feel that i take for granted what i have and need to appreciate it more.  i have been trying though, by writing a few short notes here and there at xoxo, jamie

maybe this phrase hit home to you too?

alright, well thanks for reading.

xoxo, jamie


Whitney said...

I totally saw this on weheartit today, and saved it to my computer.

I think it is really good, because it gives us something to think about and maybe stuff that we take for granted.

kelli and alex said...

i needed to hear this today. thanks for sharing!

ClaytonJenkins said...

Very good post but I'm concerned that people even need to be reminded of these facts.

I guess once you have become accustomed to all that we have it is easy to forget what we once lacked.

natalie said...

what a great reminder. I have SO much I need to be grateful for.