Tuesday, July 6

a little update for you.

this week is busy busy!

i'm headed home on thursday and i can't wait!

on thursday i'm hopefully getting a much needed haircut then off to eclipse with my ladies!

friday i'm meeting a friend for lunch and hopefully going to toy story 3 {for the second time!}

then on saturday is my mom's birthday!  i can't wait for birthday cake and to celebrate such an incredible woman's special day!  also the baby shower is that day and for all of you that helped me, i chose the stork invitation and they turned out soo cute!  thanks for all your help!

i just love this picture for some reason!

sunday i'm back to logan for work.  but i need the money since i only work two days this week.

alrighty, thanks for listening!

i would say have a happy rest of the week but i'm sure i'll be blogging between now and then. so...happy tuesday!  the city is on tonight :)

xoxo, jamie

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natalie said...

sounds like a fun filled weekend you have going on! and love the city. lets have city parties next year, k?