Sunday, July 11

"i am switzerland"

so i'm a little late on the bandwagon and just barely saw the twilight sagas new release, eclipse.  i went thursday with my mom and second family!  we had so much fun, just us girls!

but anyways...i'm going to admit.  I LOVED IT!  it was a lot better than the first two.  
i LOVED the books and i just go to see how closely the movies were and this one is the closest so far.

my favorite throughout the movie was jasper and alice.  how cute were they!?

if you haven't seen it yet please do!

xoxo, jamie

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Barry said...

I think I'm the only human on earth who hasn't seen these movies yet.

Glad you had a good time Jamie! :)

blackjack80 said...

This is the twilight movie I'm excited to see.

Jessica. aka frank. said...

seen it and loved it!!!

ClaytonJenkins said...

Enough said.