Sunday, July 4


i hope everyone had a great weekend!

so just browsing the internet and i happened to be stuck on youtube and of course i start clicking on videos then the next and i ended up at taylor swift's home made movies and i absolutely LOVE her!  she's so down to earth and so grateful for her life.  i came across this video and couldn't stop smiling.  

taylor swift...stay true to yourself because you are adorable and you have the cutest personality! 

alrighty thanks for reading and if you have monday off enjoy it and if not, i guess i'll double enjoy it for you :)

i'm going to eat some pizza now!  much love!
xoxo, jamie

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Amoree said...

Hahahha ahhh!! She is too cute!! love her!!

Heidi said...

I just watched some home videos of her, and she is so adorable! I loved it. She's so real!