Monday, May 17

sunday night.

class went well was {very} LONG and {very} EARLY!  
but alas, i think it will be a good challenge for me.

question(s) for all of you who read my blog...

did anyone watch desperate housewives finale?  or brothers & sisters?!  

i cried on the finale of brothers & was so sad.

i want to know what everyone else thought about the ending(s).

{warning spoiler alert}
don't read if you haven't watched the finale and plan on doing so...
just skip over the small print.

i felt so bad for saul!  at the end when he was bleeding and he said "don't touch me"
he's a tough old guy and i give him credit for lying to nora so easily.

do you really believe rebecca and justin will go seprate ways for a year?

where was luc and tommy for the last scene?

i predicted that robert would die.  we all knew that was coming.  i just wish he didn't leave the show.

okay you can read now!

i {sorta} want a big family like the walkers.  it looks chaotic, stressful, annoying yet you can see the love everyone has for each other.  such a big support group.  i think sometimes that would be nice.

let me know if any of you watched any of the finales, i would love to hear your thoughts :)
have a great monday!

xoxo, jamie


Daniel & Sarah said...

big familys are great! i thought mine was big till i met all of my husbands family. he has 13 brothers and sisters!

Bree said...

ok, you just reminded me about desperate housewives finale, so I just watched it online, now I'm back! ha
I guess I should say SPOILER too..

*Angie is a smart lady..GO HER!
*Gabby is hilarious-as always
*can't believe the nurse's secret, my jaw dropped; but they never suited her anyways (won't be too specific in case someone reads this by accident)
*lastly, I don't know who the new neighbour is..I'm assuming he's from one of the earlier seasons, which I didn't watch. I'm off to scower the interweb to find my answer..
overall, I say good finale, can't wait for it to come back! I'm happy there was no stupid cliffhanger.

Bree said...

ok wait, I think I jumped to conclusions too fast about the nurse secret and which kid it is..oops. Gabby is my guess. That's all!