Monday, May 17

back again.

i'm back for the second time today {don't judge}.

but accounting is...HARD!!!

it's only been day 1 and i've been trying to figure out these income statements for hours, i think i just passed hour three!?

half way through i decided i needed a mountain dew...and that never happens!  so i took a little trip to the grocery store {thanks for the grocery gift card mom!} and bought myself a mountain dew and a frozen lemonade :)  that stuff is good!  but anyways, back to the dew.
i quit soda {pop} counting four years now?!  i mean i'll take sips here and there but never do i acutally CRAVE anything.  i use to be addicted to the dew and yes, it does taste good but {today} not even a quarter way down i switched to water.  plus with all the carbination, i was burping a lot, i guess my body isn't use to.  oh and embarrassing snip pick...i was skyping with my brother and a burp happened to sneak out and all of a sudden not just his voice but THREE, yes THREE other voices started to laugh.  i guess all his roommates were in the room too...oops!

i guess its time to pull out my smart glasses so i can finish my homework so i fianlly can go to bed.  

 i feel old saying that at 9:43...but i'm tired!

all you {lovely} bloggers out there have a fantastic night :)

xoxo, jamie

p.s. oh and i'm going to{ing} is my new addiction.  i know i'm late on the bandwagon...but it can be quite entertaining!

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leigh ashley said...

that picture is fantastic!! sorry your homework is hard, i wish i could help, but i'm afraid i am not. sleep well!