Sunday, May 16

school is cool?

i start school 7:30!

that's a little a lot earlier than what i'm use to.


plus it's accounting...


i guess i'll need to start a new bedtime.  

on a more positive's going to be 78 degrees tomorrow :)
it's officially summer {in my book}!

so i'm going to try this whole school, work and summer thing.
first time for everything right?  wish me luck!

xoxo, jamie

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leigh ashley said...

oh goodness... that is early!! good luck with that! i'm envisioning class in pajamas...

i'm no miss said...

school here is like in less than 2-weeks but my mind says it's uhh .. it forgot. haha!

wishin' you good luck!

Ashley Nicole said...

I started today too.. go figure. haha. But I had class all year at 730.. you start to get used to it! good luck. :)

ahlin said...

wow that is early. good luck with everything!