Saturday, May 15


"mawwaige is what bwings us togethew today."

so the last two nights i have gone to two receptions for two very close friends of mine.

both girls {and husbands} looked beautiful!  they were glowing with radiance.  you knew they were happy and i couldn't be happier for them.   i wish ALL of them the very best!

on a side note...i drove 553 miles in 5 days. 
i honestly don't know how that happened?!

xoxo, jamie

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Kelly and Sara said...

So many of my friends are getting engaged or pregnant, so I know what you mean! Such an expensive time in our lives with all the travel and gifts. Hope you have a great rest of your weekend!

Barry said...


Princess Bride, yeah baby! What a great movie huh?

missy. said...

that picture is beautiful. i used to go to weddings like it was my job.. but seeing how they are all married or don't even want marriage brought up those days have passed. enjoy them while you can! xoxo

Foodmotion said...

The picture is amazing