Thursday, May 13

a man's best friend

oh how i would love to have a dog.

his tail wagging at the door when you come home. 
waking up to him on your bed licking your face. 
having someone to talk to so people {or yourself} don't think you are crazy.
having an excuse to talk in baby-talk.

good thing i'm visiting the shelter today so i can get some puppy love in :)

xoxo, jamie

picture {via}


missy. said...

it's a lot more complicated than it looks! but they are amazing. i looove pups. have fun at the shelter :]

leigh ashley said...

that photo is DARLING! i never thought i was a dog person until we got our little sadie. now i can't imagine life without her!! have fun today!!

Le garçon avec les lunettes said...

eh eh eh really funny dog!!! :-)