Tuesday, May 11

i love...

shopping, food and my mom!

today was a good day.

i surprised my mom at her work and took her to lunch at the red iguana which was so delicious.  the restaurant is so cute inside.  such a hidden treasure.

i also went on a little shopping trip at the gateway and spent my time at forever 21 and oh how i love that store! cute, stylish and affordable, what more could you ask for? 

i seriously love shopping.  
i could shop all day if i had money, but sadly i don't.  one day though, it will happen :)

xoxo, jamie

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Laura said...

i LOVE forever 21. LOVE LOVE LOVES!

leigh ashley said...

aww... those are all the things i love too!! :)

missy. said...

looove red iguana. so jealous you got to go!