Tuesday, May 18

legally blonde.

so in class today we filled out a seating chart so he can get to know our names.

well i didn't think much of it until he started calling on people!


i'm shy in the first place so i really started to get all nervous.
you know the usual signs.
sweaty palms.
tightening of the throat.
twitching of the legs.
my ears and chest getting red from heat.
and the usual of trying to figure out the next problems answer ahead of time.

no worries {with my luck}...i was called on.

luckily my question was the easiest and luckily the cute boy next to me whispered the answer to me...even though i knew it.

i can't help that i completely freeze during situations like these.

this was so a legally blonde moment from the movie when elle is called on during her first class.
but i was fortunate enough not to be humiliated.

hopefully the cute boy helps me again next time :)

for now...i'll just make sure i know EVERYTHING!

xoxo, jamie

p.s. the hills & the city is on tonight!


leigh ashley said...

i'm the same way!! when i feel backed into a corner, i get SUPER nervous! good thing cute boy was there to save the day!! ;)

Bree said...

I'm the same too! I specifically choose courses that do not have marks for participation, unless they sound really interesting! haha
But then there's always the professors that just randomly call on people, like yours, and I sit there so uneasy for the whole class. Awesome.

Kelly and Sara said...

I'm a totally the same way! Too funny! Hope you are having a great week :)


Amoree said...

I hhhhatteee being called on randomly. Even if I know the answer I still get thrown off.

Plus I religiously watch the hills. spencer is beyond crazy. & if for some reason the hills is not scripted omfg, & if scripted wow, he is a good actor!!

& ps. you can run more- it took me an entire month to be able to run as much as i do!!

Robyn said...

It's funny, I am usually fine when called on. Even if I don't know the answer, I can come up with something to say. The idea of being called on is SO much worse than it actually happening. I have all the same horrible physical responses as you when the professor begins looking at the list of names.

Brittany said...

i'm totally the same. i get so nervous to talk in class, even when i think i have something great to say!

p.s. loving the city right now!

Heidi said...

I love this story! It makes me miss yoU! Aren't cute boys good for everything? :)