Friday, May 21

if only life played background music.

wouldn't life be great if we had background music like the movies? 

oh i think that would be so perfect!

during any situation music would just start playing depending on the mood.

i think my soundtrack would consist of kate voegele {loving her music right now}, kt tunstall, the script, lady antebellum, chantal kreviazuk, leona lewis, john mayer, michael buble, miley cyrus {yes i'm admitting that} lady gaga and ke$ha.

that definitely would be fantastic :)

what's your soundtrack?
i would like to know!
xoxo, jamie

p.s. the weather today is spectacular...on my way to get a slurpee!

p.p.s. have a fantastic weekend!

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leigh ashley said...

i think my soundtrack would sounds a lot like yours... maybe with a bit of mute math and one republic too!

Anonymous said...

I love Lady Gaga she'd be in my soundtrack for life when i was doing highly inappropriate and possibly illegal things, but for the more loving moments of my life i'd guess it'd be Eisley or something.

missy. said...

we would have totally opposite soundtracks! excpet for lady gaga and ke$ha. add some rihanna into that mixture and muse and you've pretty much got my soundtrack!

muse is by far my favorite band and one true love. i would be pretty satisfied if they were my only soundtrack.

hope you have a great day love!