Thursday, February 4

Puppy Love ♥

So for the past month I have been doing something I absolutely love...I play with dogs!

This is Elvis, he's a stinker, but still adorable!

The past month I have been volunteering at Cache Humane Society here in Logan.  I volunteer around two to four hours a week and all I do is play with the animals.  I take the dogs on walks, and just try to get them use to being around humans so they will be more likely to be adopted.  It's fun and I don't consider it volunteering at all, just playing!


Cute Jasper who I want to adopt!

Jasper ♥

Jack Jack!  He doesn't like the camera.

When I'm there, it's an escape from the world.  I just have time for me and a cute dog who loves my attention.  Seriously, the time passes dramatically fast and you never want to leave.  It's the best feeling in the world and I look forward to going all week!


Brooke Shoko said...

i love this jamie! i would love to come with you sometime! I miss my doggie :)

Ashley Nicole said...

Jamie that is so fun! I might have to come volunteer there too. I think I would be sad to leave every time... haha

ClaytonJenkins said...

Elvis looks like an Evil Eddie but I like Jasper...

Anonymous said...

Good for you!