Friday, April 10


After I told my roommates to get a Blog they blogged about the things they learned in college and I thought that was a great idea so here I go (thanks Kajsa & Melanie for the inspiration).

25 Things I Have Learned In College

1. College is a lot harder than high school ever was.
2. Staying up late when you have an early morning class is not a good idea.
3. College isn't cheap.
4. The word "Free" makes your day.
5. Learn to stand back when flushing the "turbo" toilet.
6. Walmart has everything you need at good prices.
7. The week of finals is the most stressful time of your life.
8. Figuring out what you want to do with the rest of your life is a little bit scary.
9. Late night bowling in the hallway of Snow Hall is easy entertainment.
10. You learn to love your freedom.
11. Take advantage of coupons.
12. Deer chasing until the wee hours of the morning with a McDonald run in the middle with close friends makes college worthwhile.
13. The friends you make at college become your closest and most cherished friends.
14. You miss your mom, your dad and even your dog.
15. Trying to study with boys doesn't usually work out.
16. Facebook is your addiction, blogging becomes your second and Sudoku becomes your third.
17. You call your mom while your walking just to chat for five minutes.
18. Learn that to communicate with your brother you need to call at least five times, send an email and write on his facebook page all to get his attention to call you back.
19. The library has some pretty creepy people in it.
20. Eating healthy is the hardest thing to do, especially when pizza is only $5.
21. The freshman fifteen is very realistic.
22. Taking advantage of the fieldhouse is not only beneficial to your health but also to your eyes (gotta love men and muscles, haha!)
23. No matter how early you are to the shuttle stop, it usually will leave right before you get there.
24. Giving blood is beneficial, just make sure you don't clot.
25. College is the time of your life!


Melissy J said...

The turbo toilet is scary!!!

Amy said...

#1: whatever idiot said college was fun must've missed the actual school part of college..
#16: whoever denies this is a liar..
#19: the same at byu, only this applies to the entire campus..
#21: so is the freshman 50..
#22: :)
jamie, all so true..i love it

Jessica... a.k.a... Frank. said...

SO TRUE!!! I laughed at the facebook, blogging, and Sudoku - because yeah. that's true.