Monday, March 23

Can't Get Much Better...

So after reviewing a friends blog I came across her list and thought it was a good idea. So here a few things that are simple pleasures to me. Enjoy and feel free to comment your own :)

Simple pleasures...

.receiving a smile from a stranger.
.kiss on the forehead.
.white christmas.
.random texts from people i haven't heard from awhile.
.a good workout.
.your favorite song on the radio.
.catching up with old friends.
.the piece of cake you have been working out for.
.the pen that writes perfectly.
.a good quote.
.having no regrets.
.dancing and not caring whose watching.
.doing good on a exam that you thought you failed.
.a good hug.
.seeing family.
.going to bed knowing you had a good day.
.costa vida.
.volunteering on your own.
.a clean room.
.a deep talk with a good friend.
.making someone smile.
.knowing you love your life.


RKM said...

and ryan.... right? ;)

Jamie Jenkins said...

of course :)

Caitlyn Jimyl Hartley said...

agreed, ryan too!and it really is the little things in life that get you through each day..and finding a perfect pen isn't easy!