Monday, July 13


the amazing amber shaw took some of our engagements and we couldn't be more smitten.


less than three months now...

xoxo, jamie

Monday, December 8


it's been some time and i apologize.  i'm aware this blog is rarely looked out (hi grandma!) but i figured it might be time to catch it up.

it's almost been a year and some exciting things have happened... i'll use pictures to show all events since that's what people read blogs for.  right?

oh... and i'm engaged!! mr. e and i will be tying the knot next fall!

that's it for now.



Friday, December 27

feliz navidad.

i'm now staring at my computer wishing i was back in Cancun with the 80 degree weather.   i love snow for christmas, but my heart now has a special place at Barcelo resort.  lions, ruins, alcohol, food ... i could go on for a long time.

i'll just post pictures instead.

that's all for now.  i hope you all had a merry, safe and amazing holiday.  until next time.

xoxo, jamie

Thursday, August 29


last weekend i went on a little trip to vail, colorado.  it was girls weekend to get away and celebrate my friend getting married this coming month.

it was a much needed vacation and i'm moving to vail as soon as possible.

xoxo, jamie


Monday, August 26

vail, co.

sneak peek of my weekend in vail, colorado.

more to come soon.

xoxo, jamie

Tuesday, March 12