Thursday, September 15

to become a cook.

i don't cook.  my "cooking" if you call it, consists of pouring cereal into a mug then topping it off with milk.  OR maybe going a step further and adding fruit.  it's pathehtic and i'm not ashamed.  cooking is more "chore" material than anything.  it's a joke between my mother and i that if the time comes that i prepare a thanksgiving dinner, she'll hide in the kitchen. 

but thanks to pinterest i want to become a better cook.  it's more so i can eat all the delicious foods that i oogle and ahgle over, but still, it's a reason to become more familiar with the kitchen.

pumpkin spice pancakes.  definitely trying these.
 so i will start my cooking challenge eventually and maybe one day i'll share with you my experiences.  it can be sort of a julie and julia moment (i love that movie)

so for starters what shall i attempt?  any great recipes you would like to share with me?  if you would like please leave a comment or you can email me at  anything suggestions or comments is appreciated!



Sean Marie said...

These sound delicious!

Sara Szatmary said...

I think its great that you want to cook more. I adore cooking, but there ain't nothing wrong with the cereal mug meal!

Dree said...

Whoa my gosh, I am with you 100%. I can't and won't cook, but I've started a board on Pinterest with all of the recipes that I would love to try one day. I'll be following your cuisine adventures!

BTW, your description says you're both a perfectionist and indecisive - have I met my long-lost twin? Loving your blog!

Lisa - Archives Vintage said...

oh man i feel the same way! i hate cooking - it makes such a mess and like you just a chore. BUT i am SO into all the beautiful images on pinterest! i have an entire board for all the food i want to make....

good luck :)

L!$@ said...

Cooking is fun! Just gotta get in there and give it a go :D

Jimmy said...

Aye, cooking is not only the sophisticated meals. :) Easy stuff also counts! And I am sure you can do it. Keep it up!

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