Monday, September 12

the littlest things.

currently the littlest things making me happy...

puppy dogs.
zumba class.

texts from boyfriend.

100% on ALL quizzes this week.
justin bieber movie. (you read that right)

the perfect pen.


smile from a stranger.

funny websites.

songs on repeat.

waking up with a smile.

what little things are currently making you happy?



missy. said...

i agree about the right pen thing.. it's weird but i don't like my hand writing in certain ink.. does that make me crazy? oh well.

congrats on 100% on all your quizzes!! and i loved the justin beiber movie. he was sooo adorable as a baby.

Kajsa Pace said...

I liked the Justin Beiber movie too, it is amazing at what he has accomplished at such a young age.

As for what makes me happy I would have to say fall weather today, it is perfect :)

Portraying Taylor Ashley said...

Oh this is totally cute and totally light hearted it makes me feel good that your happy [:

currently whats making me feel good:

this post!
cute boys!
laughing so hard i cant breathe[: