Sunday, August 7


there is nothing better than being home.  after ten weeks of being in vegas i am back in my hometown with my friends and family.  the adventure was well worth it...but nothing beats home.

after a LONG eight hour car drive.
i was greeted with big hugs and balloons!  couldn't be happier.

xoxo, jamie

p.s. my mom would probably like me to note.  there was only camo "welcome home" balloons.


Bree said...

lol about the balloons. But woohoo for being back with your family!

missy. said...

yay! so glad that you get to be home now. hope you had a great weekend with your love.

Ellie said...

hahaa that's funny! Only camo ones? that's a good way to improvise though. That's sweet of your family :D