Tuesday, August 23

q & a.

alright so this is more me just asking questions...but i want to know.

what do you do to save money?

i'll admit i'm the least experience person when it comes to saving money.  i'll use coupons or buy clothes at tj maxx or ross but that's about it.  i need your awesome tips!!  just leave a comment below or email me at xoxojamie@live.com

thanks dolls!

xoxo, jamie

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xoxo, jamie


Krystal said...

Since my husband and I decided to save for a house, we save many ways!

-Instead of having dates every weekend and spending money at restaurants we cut our outings to twice a month. For our eating out dates I buy deals on urbandealight.com or through travelzoo's local deals. It's saved us a lot of $ plus we get to try different places in our area!

-When grocery shopping, plan ahead. Plan most of your meals! It keeps me from buying all the extra nonsense I don't need. Also, I'm not too picky on brands so I always choose the sale brand.

-Give yourself a cash allowance. You'll have the freedom to spend it on whatever you want, but once it's gone then you can't spend anything extra.

-With your bills, think about cutting down your cable (if you have it) or cell phone plan.

I am sure there are more that we have done over the last 6 months, but that's all I've got for now!

Anonymous said...

i put an automatic deduction on my checking account into my savings account. so, say the 15th of every month, $200 will automatically get moved electronically.

after a while, i just trained myself to not look at my savings account at all so i wouldn't be tempted to use any of the money in it. that's how i saved for my europe trip!

i know, i know. i basically had to trick myself. embarrassing, but effective. :)

Anonymous said...

Yeah, i'm with your friend e.day up top. I'm horrible at saving money so the ways i keep myself rom making impulse buys is I keep my debit card at home. That way if I'm driving home from somewhere and I get a craving for fast food or I really wanna stop by a store and get some new clothes or something I can't because I don't have my debit with me.

L!$@ said...

I don't know how banks work in the states but I have an account here that I can put money into and it gains 6% interest every month or something like that and if I take any money out I lose the interest for the month. Also the good old fashioned way of a tin money box than you can't open except with a can opener :D I find that works for me because I can put bits of money in there and don't know exactly how much is in there.

Kristen Marie. said...

My husband and I started using a cash envelope system to go along with our budget. We have envelopes for each different category (food, toiletries, date nights, personal money, etc.). At the beginning of each month we fill the envelopes up with the designated amount of cash, and once the money is gone, it's gone. Using cash really makes you more aware of how much money you're spending. Credit and debit cards become real easy to just swipe and often times you don't realize how carried away you're getting.