Saturday, August 27

it's moving day.

it's moving weekend for me.  i moved part of my "stuff" up thursday and the rest will be later this weekend.  you think for being my fourth year of college i would be pro at moving...but i am not.  still horrible every time. anyone else agree or do you like it?

well that's what i'll be doing this weekend.   what about you?

happy weekend.

xoxo, jamie

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Bree said...

I couldn't imagine having to move every year. What a chore! I guess I'm lucky that I've been in the same place 4+ years!

Melissy J said...

I saw you driving the other day and i waved but you were looking the other way. welcome back!!!

missy. said...

i hate moving. it doesn't matter how many times i have to do it, i still dread it.