Wednesday, July 13

oh to be wealthy.

i love getting mail.  don't you?  more to come about that later.

but i found these lovelies and now i'm going to save every penny i can so one day i can buy them and look as chic as everyone else in england.  they would be perfect for logan weather.

xoxo, jamie

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Lauren Crews said...

I have such an obsession with rain boots! If I could, I'd wear them everyday! These are SO cute! Very chic, like rain boots being sophisticated!

Cami said...

Those are precious!! How much are they?!

I wish I could look as CUTE as Londoner's look!!


New to blogging- nice to meet you!

ATW said...


& Stuff said...

How are you holding up down there? This is your brother btw.

Carrie said...

how adorable! you should definitely go purchase those babies.

Very unique blog! great job on it. Keep it up.


Madeline said...

I absolutely love these! Oh how i wish i could have some of my own as well! i'm sure that soon enough, you will be able to :)

Love your blog!!