Friday, July 15

the weekend.

i love the weekends.   i really do.  i'm sure all of you do too.

guess what i'm doing with mine?  sleeping.  sounds exciting right?  well, to me it does.  you have no idea how much i'm looking forward to sleeping in.  golly gee (yes i just said that) i'm excited.

what are all of you doing?  sleeping?  shopping?  cleaning?

xoxo, jamie

p.s. i get to see ma familia in 7 days and counting!  it's been 57 days since i've last seen them.  that's a long time in my book.


Anonymous said...

Sleep sounds wonderful, that's probably what I love doing the most on weekends. Oh and those little girls are adorable.

Cami said...

I have lots of stuff planned! Today, work and then dad's bday dinner (hopefully will get done early enough to see Transformers with the other half) and then tomorrow church and a BBQ with some great friends. Should be a great weekend :)

Hope you enjoy your sleep!!


missy. said...

aww those girls are soo cute! have fun when you see your family! xoxo missy.