Monday, May 2

you mr. kingston.

so last friday was the end of school bash here at usu.   they held a dance and concert with tons of bands including sean kingston on our campus street.  they even celebrated with fireworks at the end. 

the roommate

the boyfriend.
overall it was a great weekend to wrap up the semester.  now i have three finals and packing and i'm heading home.

how was your weekend?

xoxo, jamie


Rorie said...

1) I am jealous that your semester is almost over.
2) I am jealous that your college gets cool people to come perform
and 3) I am jealous of how pretty you are!

Portraying Taylor Ashley said...

Oh my gosh !! sean kingston !! thats so awesome!! i wish they would do that at dixie! i went to vegas and was forced onto the big shot ontop of the stratosphere!! scariest thing ever!!!

Anonymous said...

love you blogs so far!