Tuesday, May 3

oh guess what!?

i'm going to DISNEYLAND!  can you believe it?  because i can't!

disneyworld 2008

for all of you that have been following my blog for awhile know i'm a little too obsessed with disney.  so this is super exciting for me!  i'm going this summer around june while i'm out nannying.  i'll mostly be making sure the kids are happy...but who wouldn't be at the happiest place on earth!?  i know i'll be happy and i promise to take lots and lots of pictures to share with you!

yeah!  any big plans this summer for you?

xoxo, jamie


Anonymous said...

wonderful photos! xoxo

Rorie said...

Ugh lucky!! My summer consists of all school and trying to find a job!

Portraying Taylor Ashley said...

i love disney !!!!!!! [: and the aristocats pic? right? ya!! so cute!! i love it ! [:
have so much fun !!

Brittany said...

So exciting! There is nothing like a little Disney. I love it too. I'm excited to see pictures!

natalie said...

PARAGUAY! ya! a week from monday! so excited :)
other than that... summer school.

Taylor said...

disney NEVER gets old! it makes me feel like a ten-year old, every time. i've only been there twice - but i love it. and i fully plan on heading back some day.

btd. said...

Have fun! This summer I'm actually moving to Orlando for college! :)