Thursday, January 6

this reminds me that i need a haircut.

this made me giggle.  maybe you did too?

xoxo, jamie


ClaytonJenkins said...

I've been subscribed to this guy on Youtubed for for a long time. Hahahahahaha.

Jamie said...
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Jamie said...

I read your about me, and decided that indecisiveness must be a trait of all Jamie's, because that describes me to a 't'.

So, fellow Jamie, love your blog. Following.

tamara said...

i watched this before on youtube!
yes it did make me giggle ahaa! when i need a trim, DIY for me ahaa!

btd. said...

OMG this was so hilarious. Like I was cracking up. "Do you want go out to lunch with me?" "No." "Are you busy?" "No." *gasp!* xD