Thursday, December 16

a rambling for thursday.

i think i'm TOO addicted to twitter now.  nuts.
another thing to add to the geek list.

on another note...i go home tomorrow for two days.
aak!  i'm super duper excited.  
like really i think that thought keeps me up at night.
pathetic i know.  but i don't care.
also, why is it that i love wrapping presents!?
i really wish i had more presents just so i could wrap them.
and one day i hope mine look like these...

or even these...
xoxo, jamie

p.s. is it weird last night i kept waking up craving apple juice!?

pictures via {enjoy yourself}


Beth said...

i told you twitter was addicting. :)

Elise said...

Twitter is so addicting! I love it.

btd. said...

Whoa! Twitter be not a geek thing, it's a dork thing! xD

Anonymous said...

I'm the worst at wrapping gifts. everyone thinks I don't put any effort into it when I actually try my best lol