Tuesday, December 14

early happy birthday to me.

thanks for all your sweet comments for this upcoming week!
i truly appreciate all of them.

i think this one of few times i don't have anything to say.

but i know i have this thought in my head...
zac efron single and now ryan reynolds?  there may be hope for me still!

i may have just posted almost half-naked men on this page.  but we can all be mature and handle it.
xoxo, jamie


Dawn said...

oh girl, you're killing me
my heart stopped 2 times.
it's a good thing my husband isn't the jealous type. haha
I ran around the house doing a happy dance when i heard about zac efron (as if i have a chance haha), and my husband just laughed at me.

Cameron Armstrong said...

now Vanessa Hudgens single we both might have hope lol. Happy early Birthday!

Rorie said...

Happpppy Almost Birthdayyyy!!! yayaiahah!! Mine is coming up soon as well =]
However, I hate to break it to you because Zac will soon be off the market, because I am marrying him!!
But you can have Ryan!!!

Brittany said...

hahah I love this post! Zac and Ryan are both SO freaking attractive! :)