Wednesday, December 8

not a good day.

you know those moments when you are flooded with emotion?

well that happened today.

all of a sudden everything just swarmed into my head, or heart i guess and it just hit me.  i'm never emotional either.  i guess everything has just has been building up and i burst.  
i've known it's been building, but like my usual self i ignore it until i can't anymore.

so sorry to sound "scrooge" like on this post.  but that's what's been on my mind.

xoxo, jamie


Cole said...

Your about the 4th person I've talked to this week thats said the same thing. I think its just this time of year. So much going on everyones bound to have atleast one break down this month. I had mine earlier this week. lol Feel better.

brookeiam said...

i know how you feel. a lot of times i feel like i'm a better friend to my friends than my friends are to me.

good luck with everything!

<3, brooke

Rorie said...

Your not a scroooge girl, this is your blog vent about whatever you need to, we'll be here to listen!!

I know what you mean though. I have been so stressed out with finals, that besides my awful complextion latley, today when I started my new job, I started crying while watching the video on Code Adam....


Anonymous said...

yeah thats why i don't have many close friends because most people merely use you for their advantage which is not always a bad thing if they return the favor. Seems like in your situation they're not.

my best advice is to take some time in solitude and reflect on life. who you are or who you want to be. where you want to go. how you want to live. how you want people to think of you (at least what you can control).

Sydney said...

Jamie! You have always been the best friend to me. I hope this isn't cause I asked you to go to lunch... I was being sincere! I really wanna catch up! Feel better love.


brookeiam said...

ohh and check out my blog! i tagged you in a post <33