Thursday, December 9


okay you think after being in school as long as i have...i would grasp this thing called studying.

 no.  wrong.  i obviously don't.

i some how end up reading all your blogs, finding new people to follow on twitter, end up browsing facebook, spending lots more minutes on weheartit then i should, checking the weather, looking at magazine sites, emailing people back, editing pictures or watching music videos.   

OR i end up doing ALL of that.
that's right, i did all that ever since i got home while attempting to write a paper...
that's due tomorrow.  oops!

i have issues...but i read some interesting things or watched some funny videos so i don't feel too bad.

okay i'm actually going to go write this paper now.
good day and good night.

xoxo, jamie


Tucker said...

oh girl, i hear you! i was the exact same way. you'll get it done though (:

Anonymous said...

you're not alone. While I should be studying math I'm reading blogs, writing on my blog, and listening to music on iTunes since now they have 1:30sec previews.

Sydney said...

I am so guilty of this as well. Don't worry.

chiarabella said...

i am the exact same way. i feel like i was so much more productive before social media came along.