Thursday, November 4

xoxo, gossip girl.

have i told you how much i love gossip girl!?

probably a lot, because i know i've done a few posts about the show.

but i don't care...
i love it!

the fashion, s & b, new york, dan humphrey, college, little j, the drama and chuck bass.
i love it all!

look how gorgeous they both are!
i missed the episode on monday though due to work so i'm just waiting for it to appear online.
please tell me there are more of you out there that love this show just as much as i do!

well have a great thursday night.
hope it's more interesting then what i'm doing {i'm studying ALL night.}

xoxo, jamie

p.s. i forgot to mention...i got a 91% on my last exam!!  see sometimes my studying pays off!


Christopher said...

can't say i've seen but i love the blonde... hot

congrats on the exam!

Sara Lindsay said...

I LOVE this show too. Maybe too much, so no, you are not the only one!!

Climb2Nowhere said...

Haven't seen the show, but heard its awesome! Nice job on the exam!

J.Cee said...

congrats on your exam!

i was just watching gossip girl the other day and i realized how much I love... nate archibald. haha.